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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 11:00am-11:31am CET

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is it good malaria must die so millions can live. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin could this be the turning point in the korean nuclear standoff president trump and north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold their first ever u.s. north korea summit pyongyang offers to put its nuclear program on the negotiating table if the right conditions are met also in the program and despite international
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condemnation president truong moves ahead with a key campaign pledge the u.s. leader imposes controversially tire of some foreign student aluminum he says he's stopping and sort on the u.s. but could this spark a trade war. and germany's social democrats and non-school is getting the top posts in chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government key among them a foreign minister largely untested in international diplomacy. such a warm welcome to you is a breakthrough in the nuclear standoff between north korea and the u.s. us president trump and north korean leader kim jong on a set to cool the first ever meeting of the two countries' leaders on twitter president trump said kim jong un talked about denuclearize ition not just a freeze grid progress being made but sanctions would remain until an agreement is
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reached meeting being planned earlier trump receive the south korean national security director chill young in the white house shown brief trump and other top u.s. officials about to read meeting that took place with kim jong un and the north korean capital on monday here's what he had to say. i port president president thought you know me north korean leader kim jong un said he is committed. to providing. north korea to do training from any for them to kill. pests he understands the joint military exercises. of korea that the united states must continue that he stressed this even if need press the prompt that's on as possible. joining me now from seoul in south
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korea is correspondent josh smith from who i just welcome just surprising is this development and how does it come about well obviously given some of the rhetoric that's been thrown around over the past year we've both leaders trading on not only threats but also personal insults and then with. north korea's something of a crash program. which most powerful. internet play into a continent don't list missiles yet this is certainly something of a change i however over the past few months this is something that leaders on both sides have been looking at and it's definitely something that leaders here in some react have been hoping for when north korea has said its nuclear program is up for discussion if the conditions are right what could kill myung be offering a moratorium on you can't tell us all scaling back the program entirely.
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well the exact details of what might be on the table are still somewhat unclear so far north korea has not publicly stated much of anything about this potential meeting most of what we know has come from the south koreans now with the south koreans say is that kim jong un might be willing to discuss the future of his nuclear weapons program if his security is guaranteed now that something of a sticking point in the past north korea has said that in order for its security to be guaranteed the united states would need to withdraw its troops from south korea and has even said that the united states itself would need to didn't feel arise and . south korea. well it's definitely something of a sigh of relief compared to some of the fears of war that were going on in past
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months that being said south koreans are somewhat still wary they've been through this before in the past only to have some of these negotiations break down and then another cycle of increased tensions but right now they are definitely overall very supportive of the government efforts here to bring both north korea and the united states to the negotiating table right josh in so it's not going to thank you very much thank you. helen joins me now and staying with donald trump in the u.s. to out of some trading pot does the reason you have a lot of concern yeah absolutely enraged at the u.s. president following through on those threats of levees they will go forward on that tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and between ten and fifteen percent now trump says that the penalties and needed to address what he calls unfair trade and to boost the u.s. economy now u.s.
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business leaders in prominent members of his own republican party have warned that his administration is causing economic disaster with the me first with the stroke of a pen donald trump shook up international trade. the president signed the healthy new tariffs into law flanked by metal workers he said he was stopping what he called an assault on the u.s. . today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum the levees will take effect in two weeks but steel industry executives in south korea set up a crisis meeting right after trump signed them now korea is threatening to bring its case to the deputy oh. we're actively considering filing a complaint with the world trade organization. we've already
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discussed the issue with the european trade commission and. other countries including japan and australia are trying to placate the u.s. they're praising washington for sparing canada and mexico from the tariffs on steel and aluminum and they're hoping for more exceptions trumps executive order makes it possible for other countries to deal directly with the u.s. to remove tariffs. we will closely investigate the details of these measures and potential impact on japanese industries we would like japan to be exempted from this. china has sharply criticized the tariffs the trade ministry in beijing has called on washington to drop them but it's announced retaliatory measures tariffs on american liquor tobacco and other products. the international monetary fund warns
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that this constant breezing of the stakes could lead to a trade war. so a warning from the i.m.f. that the economic fallout could potentially be very large indeed and that is not going down well with american trade experts and the country's allies are also angry here's why american steel makers employer about one hundred fourteen founds and people but when it comes to companies which need steel well those manufactories a much bigger they employ six point five million people so the new tariffs mean that the much bigger produces will suffer for the benefit of the relatively small steel industry with a protective tariffs maybe a shot at china's overcapacity but it is america's biggest allies that could end up taking the most flak just take a look see canada is the biggest exporter to the united states followed by the european union brazil when it comes to china it's right down at the bottom of that
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list in position and eleven and the impact on our allies will be big as well you're still association you are a fair says it could slash american imports of european steel which was valued at five billion dollars last year so if that does happen the likes of big industrials like german comics could be the first victims the steel tariffs will hurt partners but a global trade war of course is the ultimate nightmare scenario and something of course that the e.u. is keen to avoid so let's get the view from europe from our correspondent in brussels terry shows good to see terry now the e.u. has kryten a good morning at the e.u. has criticized trump's move what are these tariffs going to mean for countries here in europe terry. well i think that still being evaluated because as european commissioner for trade cecilia monster has said this morning donald trump wasn't quite clear on what it would mean for everyone he left open as we've discussed
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a bit that some countries could have exemptions countries other than canada and mexico that he was mentioned and see a monstrous saying clearly we expect to be among those exemptions so i think they will still be analyzing what this means for european industry mom's term has a meeting tomorrow morning with u.s. trade rep robert light hisor and she says she's expecting to get much more clarity on plans for europe from him but the e.u. saying clearly we expect these tariffs not to be imposed on europe now earlier this week the european union did promise that trumps plan would be met sweet retaliates free tariffs i mean how close are we coming to trying to territory. monster was asked this morning at brussels forum how quickly would you impose your retaliatory measures if the trump administration goes ahead and says the european union will be subject to the higher tariffs and she said you know with twenty eight governments it takes us
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a bit more time to maneuver and they will also be consulting closely with the w t o because with all the criticism of the u.s. the u.s. moves possibly not being in line with rules the e.u. is not going to hypocritically fall out of line with those regulations itself so she said that they have a maximum of ninety days to be ready to impose the retaliatory measures on the list that we've been hearing so much about bourbon levi's peanut butter but it doesn't mean that the measures would come into force that quickly compared with the fifteen days that the steel tariffs would would take in the us cumbersome as you mention with all those e.u. member states but at the same time the us president did single out germany in justifying his tariffs why is. he did as he so often does because he returns inevitably to nato funding and the low percentage of g.d.p. that germany spends on its defense so he brought that up again last night and in
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his announcement so if the e.u. is is expecting to be among the exemptions but trump is especially mentioning germany as one of the problems that he sees i don't know how well that's going to go but again monster is pinning a lot of hopes on this meeting with the u.s. trade rep tomorrow all right terry schultz first brussels thank you and i want to check in with our financial correspondent now as well as has been monitoring the situation for us from frankfurt i'm good he was the view of the finance world now that trump has signed off on those tariffs. but the business leaders in germany eric guster what they're hearing and i think there are calls for of a television there as well but for example there are other voices as well that call for deescalation don't provoke the chief economist of the come out spunk is one of those he says lower tariffs on u.s. passenger cars coming into the e.u.
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because they're higher than the tariffs that the u.s. imposes that would be a way to get on trump's good side and by the way there are not that many u.s. patched companies cars on the road here in e.u. so probably wouldn't hurt all that much well here's something that probably won't help get on trump's good side german exports grew of eight percent in january we just learned compared to the same time last year isn't germany's export economy more vulnerable in this particular kind of trade dispute. it's especially vulnerable because there are so many hundreds of thousands millions of jobs dependent on exports in germany and good night in the united states is the biggest single customer of german exports and china is the largest trading partners when you take imports and but over one hundred ten billion euros in german goods went across the atlantic to the united states directly so the economy and the jobs here
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are directly exposed to day i also counts that playing out on the markets that way you are how's it going down right now. we see negative share price developments all across europe london and paris are holding on italy as well but here in germany with that export dependent economy shares are going down and the euro is going down as well asia up on the news on the surprising and welcome news that there will be talks between the united states and north korea. in frankfurt for us thanks a lot. jim the social democrats have announced the names of the six ministers from the party who joined. new coalition government three women and three men will take both heading up the foreign ministry's as that is labor justice family and environment or live shots with the finance minister and vice chancellor. joining me now is our political correspondent nina nina so
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first of all i mean we have the six nominees now from the s.p.d. how well do you think they'll work which owns the meccans conservatives and the new coalition government well the s.p.d. the social democrats have appointed a mix an interesting mix of experienced people and fresh faces so three of them three of those ministers here who were appointed today have an experience in working together with angola machall as ministers because we mustn't forget that of course the past eight four eight of the past twelve years the social democrats have been in a government together with ungrammatical so three of the people who were appointed today have an experience as ministers with until america and three are completely new people so it'll be you know an experience right and now they've appointed or nominated mosse the former justice minister as the new foreign minister key comes in at a difficult time with a trade war looming between the u.s.
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and europe as well as germany tell us about him and his experience is an interesting character he was a pretty unsuccessful regional politician until. this soon former foreign minister appointed him to become justice minister has served as justice minister he has cabinet experience but he lacks foreign policy experience he has zero experience that but he has an extremely good foreign affairs experienced members of staff that he can rely on good team and also people say don't underestimate him because in the cabinet he has challenged people like the extremely influential conservative politician and he has managed to actually criticize him publicly and so it will be interesting to see it'll be a completely different tone to see of course. sometimes called. the anti alpha
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politician but maybe in these times of dominant figures on the world stage it will be refreshing to see somebody who actually likes to negotiate rather than just push through and he obviously was a quite a popular as a justice minister as well what about the other cabinet nominees what kind of access do you think they'll be bringing in into the got a new government i think there are two. really eye catching appointments one is of course all of shorts as the finance minister not necessarily because of his personality but it will be interesting to see how the s.p.d. as the junior partner in this coalition manage to. reign over the finance ministry such an important finance ministry it was seen as a major concession by anglo machall that the s.p.d. actually got this finance ministry and the other interesting personalities of course francisco defy who's not known on the berlin stage told she's a young woman from east germany who is now the mayor of knight cohen here in berlin
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and so she has a pragmatic approach to tackling problems that are on the ground so the new german government has been a long time in the making and i'll be very close to having a new government what do you think will be its first priorities according to the coalition deal it is europe the chaps around europe is the first chapter in the coalition deal and if you look at what's happening in europe and there is there's a desperate need for reform and americal and the french president manuel michel have a very narrow window of opportunity to actually implement some much needed reforms european elections coming up next year of course i think that is one of the big priorities as a political correspondent it was a pleasure to have you here thank you. turning now to turkey where today is the latest court hearings for seventeen journalists who've been charged with supporting terrorism the employees of the two put it and opposition an independent newspaper
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this comes amidst a widespread crackdown on press freedom in turkey more than one hundred writers and reporters have been jailed correspondent has more. of an editorial meeting at generally at one of the few newspapers in turkey not controlled by the government. journalists here are discussing stories for the next edition many have been in trouble with the oath or because of their reporting but they are determined to keep on writing that. we can't get any information from government officials or state institutions are not allowed into any of the president's press conferences they continuously try to criminalize a newspaper to the point that even carrying a copy of it is risky for that despite these circumstances we're trying to do our.
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the newspaper often covers court cases against its own staff and ongoing trial involves seventeen employees charged with supporting terrorist organisations all have been released on bail except for three who have been behind bars for over a year now in a show of solidarity jim here it publishes their photos on his front page every single day. editor in chief. the publisher. a well known investigative reporter. ship is using the trial as a platform to get a message across i am not defending myself i am accusing you he said in one hearing in december twenty seventeen the trial was suspended and sheik removed from the courtroom when he criticised the government his supporters heard it. only gets to see her husband in court and during visiting hours in jail it's been
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like that for over a year she is prepared for every outing. we didn't make anything wrong or i did not make anything wrong and he is right that's why of course i have hope because i believe in ahmed and i believe in myself expectations i have no expectations from the judiciary part or anything from the state. she says the terrorism charges leveled against her husband are observed years ago he was jailed for writing this book criticizing the muslim cleric fit to live goodland today glenn is public enemy number one in turkey but on a chick is now accused of supporting him. no. the pictures. on it is since twenty eight years of journalists and especially. focusing
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concentrating on right right why elations that's why it's not the first time that he has trouble with the state if you look in the indictment all the proofs are just journalistic activities reports he wrote interviews he may. yes he was just doing his job. about one hundred twenty journalists are currently in jail here in turkey according to reporters without borders more than in any other country rights groups say trials like the one against the drug area newspaper a politically motivated they have called turkish president read to tell you about one quote an enemy of press freedom. after countless threats and even several attempted attacks security at djibouti is tight the office now resembles a high security prison itself. the news room has already lost many reporters but the rest are undeterred they want to report independently and critically for as
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long as they can even if that means writing about trials against their own colleagues. that report by the wu leon we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wilds at least nine people are reported dead after an explosion in afghanistan's capital kabul police say they believe a suicide bomb like out of the blast in a minority shia area there's been no claim office sponsibility. a new study may offer clues to the feet of a legendary aviator amelia earhart researchers say say testing of bones found on a pacific island show the likely to be those of hers was the first woman to cross the atlantic on a solo flight nine hundred thirty seven have plane disappeared over the pacific ocean. over one million syrian refugees have fled to lebanon since the war in syria broke out seven years ago many of them are children some aid groups are trying to
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help them deal with their trauma through creative initiatives did obviously until when to have a look. why are those who really fled the war in syria four years ago after her form in her arms was bombed she and her family now live in this lebanese refugee camp my time. even when she first got eleven and while work back in boxes earning just four dollars a day then and then she'll call beyond rescued her from that job and got her into a school near the camp. today the sixteen year old is about to head out to her poetry class. a lot more in a country where no of michael's. after years of trauma and uncertainty while it is beginning to find her voice and she's learning to write a verse for the first time in her life. because.
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nell and the generation whose life is lost because dreams have been broken by war we are the generation that has grown too old too soon this point recounts the challenges bob faces as a refugee. her family has near always attacking us with words the lebanese always ask who are you where did you come from why did you come here. a two hours drive from the camp the u.n. children's organization unicef has organized an exhibition about art a refugee at beirut's civil war memorial. this meeting is inspired by the words of thoughts and feelings of dozens of civilian children on display in this exhibition in beirut by the horns and let us see the level these artists have come together and are using their creativity to describe the experiences of the students of war. yvonne depp's is one of the
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artists he's tried to capture large sentiments on canvas. this is not sadness this is this is anger and. and though i didn't want to show the children as victims. the organizers deliberately chose the memorial as the site for the event levanon itself suffered two decades of civil war that nearly tore the country apart. civilians have been the main victims of the conflict in syria which has especially targeted the country's young. many of the children that have written poems and text have lived their war very intensively they have lost their homes their school sometimes their parents back at the camp while the absolutely is all
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the way to a get together with some friends she's taken up singing is bad and says she'd like to be a journalist when she grows up. but it. has lost nearly everything but she refuses to give up hope. she has a recap of the top stories that we're following for you president dollar trump and north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit president trump has confirmed the plan and says great progress has been made. and president trump moves ahead with controversial create talent some foreign student a new nym spawning fears of a global trade war he says he's facing down an assault on the u.s. . that's it for me and the rest of the news team i have more news feel at the top of the al and look forward to seeing you ben back.
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a miracle represented. architect of east germany's police state i. explained if i had my way oh east germany would still be feeling oh master. piano for you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . ever want to welcome to another edition of your own max i'm your host meghan lee as usual we have got lots of ground to cover so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up.


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